Andrew G. Mullenax

Director of Process Engineering and Projects

Andrew G. Mullenax is the Director of Process Engineering and Projects of EnergyX, leading the commercialization of innovative lithium extraction technology and execution of battery material related projects. Andrew’s career began as a battery chemist at Ceramatec Inc. in 2013 where he researched sodium-based electrochemistries and selective-ion membrane technologies to develop and optimize sodium-ion (I/I3) and molten aluminum salt electrolytes in parallel with a specially formulated sodium super ionic conductor (NaSICON). 


In 2017 Andrew began working as a process engineer within the mining sector where he acquired and honed a plethora of engineering disciplines. While working with FLSmidth, Andrew achieved success with well-established mining corporations such as Newmont, Barrick, Agnico Eagle, and Nevada Gold Mines to name a few. Andrew’s unique involvements and success in metallurgy and precious metal extraction led to further opportunities within the pulp/paper, coal, and oil and gas industries. During his time with FLSmidth, Andrew worked in five continents commissioning and optimizing over thirty world-class mining projects. 

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah earning an ABET accredited degree in Materials Science and Engineering. His focused research in material development concentrated on biomedical sensor design and testing, hydrogel research and design, battery design and electrochemistry, and optimizing the fabrication of aluminum dodecaboride and transparent polycrystalline alumina. Since this time, he has worked as a process engineer focusing his talents on industrial process engineering and optimization, feasibility studies, automation and process control, minimizing environmental impact and sustainability, project engineering and management, procurement, budgeting, and developing a deeper understanding of membrane technology and applicability. 


After spending almost five years within the mining sector with various enterprises, Andrew understands what drives businesses and how to spread desirable brand awareness.