Dr. Huanting Wang

Monash University

Dr. Huanting Wang leads the Metal Organic Framework exploration for EnergyX’s Science Advisory Board.  He is a sitting professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University, Associate Dean (International) of Faculty of Engineering and Director of the Monash Centre for Membrane Innovation.

Dr. Wang’s research is in the following areas, nanomaterials such as zeolites, metal organic frameworks (MOF), and nanoporous carbons.  Also he works with nanocomposites, nanofibers, and nanostructured ceramics. A big part of his work circulates around membranes and catalysts such as ceramic membranes, polymer membranes, nanoporous (zeolite, MOF, carbon) membranes, and composite membranes.  Electrode catalysts, and nanocatalysts also fall into this work.

Another sector of Dr. Wang’s research group is separations and fuel cells such as gas separation, wastewater treatment and desalination, proton exchange membranes and anion exchange membranes for fuel cells, nano-porous electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells and low temperature fuel cells.  Lastly, green chemical technology, energy-efficient separation, and biofuel powered fuel cells.

Originally qualified in material science and engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China, he completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology and University of California Riverside.