Dr. Jack Bender

SVP of Lithium Extraction

"Successful innovation and the development of disruptive technology is more about passion, creativity and teamwork than brute force research"

Jack Bender is the SVP Lithium Extraction at EnergyX. He has worked in the mining industry for over fifteen years with a focus on Hydrometallurgy. Having received a Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines in the Synthesis of Complex Polymer Architectures by Convergent Living Anionic Polymerization, he joined the Mining Division in Cognis Corporation in order to synthesize new reagents for hydrometallurgical projects. At BASF, Jack was the senior technical manager for hydrometallurgy. Jack has published articles and been granted patents in a broad spectrum of hydrometallurgy processes including solvent extraction, leaching, electrowinning and electrorefining.

Fun Fact: In an effort to keep from being too serious, Jack spends time building and painting models