Dr. Matt Hill

CSIRO / Monash University

Dr. Matthew Hill developed a platform technology position in a group of materials known as Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs). These are the world’s most porous materials almost entirely made of holes. One teaspoon of a MOF may have as much surface area as an entire football field hidden inside it.  Dr. Hill is an expert in nano-chemistry and supramolecular chemistry, industrial chemistry, the synthesis of materials, inorganic green chemistry, and polymers and plastics.

He holds a joint position between CSIRO and Monash. His research areas include development and application of porous materials: storage, separation and triggered release of small molecules with adsorbents and membranes, flow chemistry, lithium-sulfur batteries and supercapacitors. The overall theme of Matthew’s research is smart, selective capture, release, separation and storage of molecules. Application areas include greenhouse mitigation, energy storage, agriculture, safety and manufacturing.

Dr. Hill has 105 publications, 4150 citations (h-index 35), 13 patents (2 licenses granted), and involvement in 43 projects with over $20M total value. He is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and the Winner of a 2014 Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Science. Matthew leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers that are actively involved with industry partners to bring exciting discoveries in the laboratory to market.