Dr. Guanyu Ma

Director of Electrodialysis

With its much higher capacity and potential than conventional pressure-driven processes, Electrodialysis Reversal (ED/EDR) has a bright future for highly saline brine processing and mineral extraction.

Guanyu Ma is the Director of Electrodialysis of EnergyX, leads the research and development of electrodialysis and related membranes. Guanyu has been involved in electrodialysis research since 2015, with experience in selective ion-exchange membrane development, ED/EDR system optimization, and membrane modification and characterization.

Guanyu graduated from New Mexico State University with degrees in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Mathematics. His research focuses on ED/EDR bench- and pilot-scale experiments and optimization, anti-fouling membrane development, and membrane autopsy. His work also included ion-exchange membrane modification using polymers and nano-materials, to enhance selective ion transport, desalination performance, and anti-fouling properties. Guanyu also has experience with characterization, treatment, and rare earth element recovery from oil&gas produced water.

Fun Fact:

Guanyu loves backpacking and camping in the wilderness. He once lived in the forest for over 10 days in a month.