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Why Electric Cars Are Better for the Environment Considerations for a just and equitable energy transition Clearing The Air: Charlotte’s Push for Electric Vehicles Supply chain delays and steel costs are part of ‘perfect storm’ stalling renewable energy growth Global electric car sales have continued their strong growth in 2022 after breaking records last year Overcoming the great disconnect in the battery storage supply chain Elon Musk On Tesla’s Aspiration Of Reaching 20 Million Cars Made Per Year By 2030 The grid needs long-duration energy storage In focus: Employment in EU’s renewable energy sector Energy storage important to creating affordable, reliable, deeply decarbonized electricity systems Helping Electric Vehicles Keep Their Cool During the Battery Weight Balancing Act Europe Aims to Reverse Dependence on China for Electric Battery Mineral Uncovering the key to safer energy storage devices that avoid thermal runaway How Electric Vehicles Could Fix the Electrical Grid How the Ukraine war is accelerating Germany’s renewable energy transition High Gas Prices Are Pushing Electric Car Sales to a Tipping Point Beyond electric cars: how electrifying trucks, buses, tractors and scooters will help tackle climate change How can recycled ‘green metals’ help the EU achieve it’s net-zero pledge? Canada funds production of electric vehicles in zero emissions push Europe Must Spend $5 Trillion to Have Clean Energy by 2050 Could Anglesey’s tidal energy project drive a new energy revolution? Electric car cost advantage over petrol grows amid energy market turmoil Energy storage becoming more relevant to Africa’s energy transition Visualizing the History of Energy Transitions What are Alabama’s automakers planning for electric vehicles? Lithium could help end the EU’s oil addiction. But does Europe have enough of it? Seoul expands diversity of electric charging network The Renewable-Energy Revolution Will Need Renewable Storage The kites seeking the world’s surest winds The future of cars is electric: We need to start in investing in sustainable lithium Honda to launch 30 EV models by 2030 This Historic Community Is Pushing the Nation Toward a Wind Power Revolution Can India Charge 102 Million Electric Vehicles by 2030? Experts Share Solutions 3 ways the circular economy is vital for the energy transition In the battle over electric vehicles, could hydrogen win? Hydrogen: the key to a zero-carbon energy system Denmark Looks to Ramp Up Green Hydrogen to Help Meet Climate Goals Can EVs be Truly Sustainable in India? Experts Say Yes, if We Cross These 4 Hurdles Utah’s hand in the future of electric vehicles Clean energy aims for true zero A People-oriented Energy Transition Roundtable on Energy Transitions in MENA: IDRC-MEI Report The New Frontier In Electric Vehicles: Trains With Batteries Big Enough To Power Small Towns Australian miners ramp up search for lithium to meet EV demand Electric cars fend off supply challenges to more than double global sales Charted: Lithium Production by Country (1995-2020) Why This Could Be a Critical Year for Electric Cars Can the Net Zero Strategy be the Driving Force for Global Employment? Growing renewable energy need won’t hinder land protection Electric vehicles bring down CO2 emissions of new cars in UK to lowest level ever Energy transition: a complex but necessary journey Where Is There More Lithium to Power Cars and Phones? Beneath a California Lake. Renewable energy on the rise: 37% of EU’s electricity Geothermal energy may be the panacea for sustainable lithium extraction Electric cars on show in Washington as Biden pushes for green revolution High taxes on battery imports undermine India’s renewable energy drive First EVs with solid state batteries to be demonstrated in China Transforming Africa’s Food Systems through Renewable Energy 2022 renewable energy industry outlook: New avenues are opening How the U.S. fell behind in lithium, the ‘white gold’ of electric vehicles Why 2022 Could Be The Year You Buy An Electric Vehicle USDA launches pilot program to deploy renewable energy infrastructure in rural towns The Rise of Electric Vehicles: How Can Africa Prevent Fuel Duty Losses Experienced in the West? Three myths about renewable energy and the grid, debunked Sales of Electric Vehicles Surpass Diesel in Europe, a First How The U.S. Is Losing The Lithium Industry To China What Norway Can Teach the World About Switching to Electric Vehicles Toyota has a US$35 billion worth of electric vehicle goal. New York to double energy storage target to at least 6 GW by 2030 The raw-materials challenge: How the metals and mining sector will be at the core of enabling the energy transition Five Reasons to Invest in African Green Energy in 2022 Advancing Understanding of All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries The rush for ‘white gold’: How electric cars are driving new Australian lithium mines 2022 is promising to be big year for electric vehicles Morocco Commits to 80% Renewable Energy Use by 2050 Mercedes electric car breaks 1,000km charge barrier Japanese researchers find formula for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries Canberra A Renewable Energy Jobs Powerhouse A renewable energy transition is on the horizon 2021 was a massive year for electric cars. 2022 will be even bigger. Brighter days await renewable energy space; investments likely to cross $15 billion in 2022 Mexico’s lithium and the global race to lock in ‘white gold’ It’s time for car companies to shut up about electric vehicles and just ship them Tata Power: ‘Promising potential’ for energy storage business in India IEA projects rosy future for renewable energy. But where is material balance? Can solar panels on highways accelerate the supply of green energy? Motoring groups criticise cut in electric car subsidies Metals Demand From Energy Transition May Top Current Global Supply Burgeoning EV demand makes case for Lithium-ion battery manufacturers in India EU approves renewable energy development funding scheme in Croatia EV batteries, materials and charging production coming to U.S. from abroad The White House wants a robust electric vehicle charging network. Here’s the plan Electric Vehicle Battery Packs Greece, a green energy laggard in Europe, boosts renewable energy Finland’s energy transition to accelerate with country’s largest wind project of 455MW at Lestijärvi UK government to invest US$15m in battery storage to support EV charging on major roads Nissan accelerates e-mobility investment and shoots for solid-state batteries Victorian Big Battery: Australia’s biggest battery storage system at 450MWh, is online Volkswagen, Stellantis, GM turn to geothermal lithium for batteries for electric vehicles Three Myths About Renewable Energy and the Grid, Debunked Emerging Issues in Energy Storage – Unlocking the Next Wave of the Energy Transition Domestic manufacturing key to the success of renewable energy Will solid-state batteries meet industry demand? Africa: ‘Clean energy solutions are woefully underfunded today’ Solar power prices are falling. What does this mean for our household electricity bills? Toyota to use solid-state batteries in hybrids before EVs Future vision: extracting more cobalt and nickel from li-ion batteries ‘Lithium Valley’ could save one of the most polluted areas in California US lags in electric vehicle sales despite Biden administration’s push Renewable electricity growth is accelerating faster than ever worldwide ‘Battery arms race’: how China has monopolised the electric vehicle industry Sustainable lithium-ion batteries: Geothermal extraction, ethical cobalt and fully recycled cells The MENA Region: A Key Scenario for the Energy Transition ‘Crucial to limiting climate change’: Long Duration Energy Storage Council publishes first report Why are solid-state batteries so important? 5 charts explaining the future of EV batteries Looking Beyond Decarbonization Could Add Value to Clean Energy Projects Battery power: five innovations for cleaner, greener electric vehicles SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ‘It is entirely doable, and it is doable fast’: Experts on how to navigate the energy transition The reasons behind lithium-ion batteries’ rapid cost decline Blockchain’s role in the energy transition: improving renewable energy adoption through distributed solutions Australia’s EV sales are lagging. What can we learn from world leader Norway? Why battery energy storage systems should not be overlooked How China’s clean energy push could help the developing world give up fossil fuels Electric cars could one day power your house – here’s how to make it happen How Drilling for Lithium in the Salton Sea Is Making For a More Sustainable Future How might the world meet its clean energy needs Mining the gap: Companies push to find raw materials for electric vehicle boom Visualizing the Global Electric Vehicle Market How finance, ag-tech and more can speed the energy transition – 4 experts explain Trees Are the Secret Ingredient for Solid-State Batteries, Scientists Say Long-duration energy storage council formed at COP26 Boom in electric vehicles to offer more job opportunities to electrical engineers Energy transition must not come at a cost to fragile societies Batteries and the new “lithium gold-rush” Why 24/7 clean energy beats carbon offsetting India bets its energy future on solar—in ways both small and big Wind energy could cut global warming by up to 0.8 degrees C, says report Toyota announces the bZ4X: the carmaker’s first mass-produced electric vehicle Cars Are Going Electric. What Happens to the Used Batteries? Ending energy poverty need not come at the expense of a safe climate future Greece Is Getting Rewired for the Future Lack of chargers hamper electric vehicles use at COP26 Floating Wind Farms are About to Transform the Oceans Electric cars expected to outsell diesel ones in the UK next year How Australia’s coal country past is scuppering its renewable energy future A future with sustainable, profitable Lithium-ion battery recycling is closer than you think From coal to large-scale batteries as Queensland’s Renewable Energy Zone plans progress The bumpy road to India’s electric car dreams Innovative Australian battery materials projects gain momentum at home and abroad Utilizing Ocean Heat as a Renewable Energy Source Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past in Africa’s energy transition A $1.5 billion lithium deposit has been discovered in western Maine, but mining it could be hard Tesla is setting the bar for electric vehicles, VW CEO admits Hyundai, Kia Announce Solid State Battery With Factorial Energy What is corporate renewable energy purchasing and how is it changing? How Brazil could become a ‘green lithium powerhouse’ Renewable energy’s role in economic recovery driving 1TWh of energy storage demand by 2030 Record levels of renewable energy drive down electricity prices across Australia The coming electric vehicle disruption that nobody is talking about Argentina at crossroads over the future of the lithium sector Renewable Energy Jobs Reach 12 Million Globally Those Big Bets on Solid-State Batteries—The Payoff is Getting Closer China continues to dominate lithium battery supply chains but policy support gives US new hope Poor EV take-up to cost Australia’s health system $1tn by 2050, modelling shows The energy transition needs metals. But it needs social awareness too Chile to open 400,000 tonnes of lithium reserves up for exploration Visualizing the Global Demand for Lithium Can green energy power Africa’s future? Make electric vehicles lighter to maximize climate and safety benefits Lessons for the energy transition from the 2021 energy crisis Optimizing Results-Based Financing for Off-Grid Energy: Why Localization Can Provide a Pathway to More Effective Investment Will electric vehicles catch on in the wide-open West? Chinese investors jostle over Argentine lithium mines India’s Electric Vehicle Ambitions Are Arriving on Two Wheels Hydrogen Is As Broadly Useful As Hemp, And Will Be Used Just As Much Five Missed Opportunities to Support the Energy Transition in COVID-19 Recovery The Challenge Of Lithium-Ion Dependency In India’s EV Adoption With forward capacity auction success, batteries are winning in New England China’s carmakers are making cheaper electric vehicles – and they have their sights on Europe WEF whitepaper highlights funding as key to energy transition Energy transitions: The role of institutions and market structures The only quick-fix to Europe’s energy price crisis is saving energy A Look at the Philippines’ Clean Energy Ecosystem GM envisions electric vehicles with 600 miles of range with new battery research center The race to grab all the UK’s lithium before it’s too late Opinion: Argentina, Bolivia and Chile need a responsible lithium boom A leap forward for the global energy transition but long way before it is fair and fast enough New Study Finds Grid-Scale Energy Storage Can Help Asia Pacific Deliver Reliable, Affordable, Clean Energy Commentary: Electric vehicles are finally ready for rural drivers Mapping Latin America’s non-hydro renewable energy The world’s largest lithium producing countries Ford announces $11.4bn investment in electric vehicle plants To lead the green energy future, solar must clean up its supply chains China to boost new energy amid rationing In search of ‘Lithium Valley’: why energy companies see riches in the California desert Clean, Renewable Energy is ‘the Difference between Life and Death’, Will Prevent Climate Catastrophe, Secretary-General Tells High-Level Dialogue How rising wholesale electricity prices will affect the switch to electric vehicles The Promise of Green Hydrogen Fixing flaws in Li-ion batteries, focus for World Energy Storage Day We need lithium for clean energy, but Rio Tinto’s planned Serbian mine reminds us it shouldn’t come at any cost Long-Duration Energy Storage: The Catalyst for a Sustainable Energy Future What the Energy Transition Needs Charging ahead: how to make sure the electric vehicle transition is sustainable and just Australia’s electricity market rule change that will be ‘massive’ for batteries is imminent The race for lithium – a new method makes water-derived lithium possible Electric vehicles divide opinion as car-loving Germany goes to polls How AI is transforming, decarbonising and ‘cleaning up’ the grid Future utilities will use 100 percent renewable energy. But how soon? EnergyX the Platinum Sponsor for the 2021 Fastmarkets Lithium Conference Lithium Mining In Nevada: The White Gold Rush? India’s electric vehicle market is emerging as the next favourite destination