Clearing The Air: Charlotte’s Push for Electric Vehicles

Excerpt from qcitymetro.com

Electric vehicles of all brands, shapes, and sizes gleamed in the almost 90-degree sun at Clean AIRE NC’s EVs for Equity event at Northwest School of the Arts on Saturday where community organizations dedicated to sustainable energy, transportation, and, of course, clean air shared their initiatives with the public.

Northwest School of the Arts is within the boundaries of the Historic West End Green District, a collaborative effort between Clean AIRE NC and the Historic West End community. Its lead organizers, Ron Ross, William Hughes, and Mattie Marshall spearheaded the Green District after partnering with Clean AIRE NC to monitor air quality in their neighborhoods.

The US Department of Energy hails electric vehicles (EVs) as a cleaner option compared to conventional gas-powered cars due to their lower carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions. The North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Division of Air Quality says that gas-powered vehicles emissions can lodge deep into the lungs and exacerbate health conditions like COPD, heart disease, asthma and diabetes.