Can We Meet Tomorrow’s Lithium Demand?

Current demand concerns

As displayed in this recent Visual Capitalist graphic, it is no secret that in recent years there has been an escalating global demand for lithium. In fact, this demand has been dubbed the next “gold rush.” This is driven primarily by the rapid growth of electric vehicles and renewable energy storage, and raises significant concerns. One major worry is the environmental impact of lithium extraction. Traditional methods, such as lithium mining from evaporation ponds or hard rock, can lead to habitat disruption, water scarcity, and chemical pollution. Moreover, the concentration of lithium resources in a few countries may result in geopolitical challenges and uneven distribution of economic benefits. Another concern involves the potential strain on global lithium reserves as demand continues to surge, leading to price volatility and supply chain uncertainties. To address these concerns, sustainable and responsible lithium extraction practices, recycling initiatives, and ongoing research into new technologies, like EnergyX’s portfolio of DLE technologies, are essential components of a comprehensive strategy for meeting lithium demands while minimizing environmental and social impacts.

DLE is the solution

But why is lithium demand set to outstrip supply so aggressively? One of the main reasons is that conventional methods of extracting lithium are slow, outdated, and can lead to environmental harm. This is where Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) methods come in. EnergyX’s DLE methods boast a lithium recovery rate of 90%+, surpassing conventional processes by 300%. You can learn more about our technologies in a newly released Technical Brochure or by watching a video of our Founder & CEO Teague Egan explain how our LiTAS™ portfolio works here.

A Path Forward

As the article concludes, without any action, by 2030, there won’t be enough lithium to meet the demands of the clean energy transition and the UN’s sustainable development goals. Meeting the growing demand for lithium requires a multi-faceted approach that combines strategic actions and continuous innovation. Advances in DLE could help meet the demand and ensure the transition to a more sustainable future. At EnergyX we are confident that our innovation and strategic vision and partnerships will continue to move us in the right direction.