EnergyX drives innovation by partnering with the world’s leading research facilities, laboratories, universities, and commercial manufacturers to bring disruptive technologies to the market at scale.

Quick Facts
Research Labs 3
Patents 23
DoE Funding $10M


Austin, TX Labs

The Center for Materials for Water and Energy Technology (M-WET) at The University of Texas at Austin is a US Government Department of Energy funded laboratory directed by Dr. Benny Freeman. In these sophisticated laboratories is where the EnergyX technology was born. EnergyX exclusively licenses a portfolio of patents surrounding LiTAS™ technology from The University of Texas, and continues to work closely with M-WET developing further ground breaking intellectual property.

M-WET researches the understanding of fluids and materials to catalyze design of novel surfaces, highly selective solute / fluid interactions, mesoscopic structures, and membranes for energy applications. This innovative strategy bridges the chemistry, materials, and process separations communities.

Silicon Valley, CA Labs

With a critical roadmap towards commercialization, EnergyX partnered with Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. (MTR), a world leader in the development and production of membrane-based separation systems, new membrane materials and processes, and refining industries. The company’ s product line is based on 20 years of in-house fundamental and applied research in the membrane separations area. This work has generated over 100 patents and numerous publications and presentations.

EnergyX shares laboratory space with MTR’s administrative, research, and manufacturing headquarters located in Newark, CA. Partnering with MTR Labs gives EnergyX a world class research team developing membrane solutions for a wide range of applications for OEMs bringing expertise in membrane solution to diverse industry segments.

Research & Development

Our Focus

Across our research partners labs the EnergyX team has a focused on disruptive materials and engineering systems to fundamentally transform the energy industry.


Design new interfaces with controlled topology and functionalities to achieve optimal affinity and reactivity specifically for water/energy systems such as ion-specific separation, and targeted destruction of specific contaminants.


Control mesoscopic materials architecture to achieve exquisite control of pore size and pore size distribution in membranes to tune multicomponent fluid transport by leveraging design principles


Develop novel materials imaging and spectroscopic tools that operate in-situ in operando in complex, aqueous fluid environments to probe water, solute and material interactions


Model multicomponent interfaces, fluid mixtures, and mesoporous architecture to radically transform water and energy demands, resiliency, and efficiency of membrane / materials systems.


EnergyX exclusively licenses and owns a robust portfolio of patents, on a worldwide basis, surrounding LiTAS™ nanotechnology and solid state battery technology.

As an energy technology company at our core, we scour the corners of the galaxy for untapped potential and continue to work closely with world leading scientists and researchers developing further ground breaking intellectual property. Building on an already impressive collection of patents, copyrights, and trademarks is the ethos of EnergyX, and we look forward to a bright, sustainable future.

EnergyX works closely with its partners at UT, Monash University, and CSIRO on developing the core of its patented technology. Monash is responsible for the pioneering of ion transport and separation through metal organic framework nanotechnology. CSIRO, the Australian National Laboratory Organization employs 5,500 people across Australia, France, Chile, and the United State, and is responsible for notable inventions of atomic absorption spectroscopy, essential components of Wi-Fi technology, and the development of the first commercially successful polymer banknote.


The second and third leg of the stool to go along with the University of Texas are CSIRO and Monash. EnergyX works closely with this cohort of institutions on developing the core of its patented technology.


A long term plan and vision is critical for any company. At EnergyX we have taken after Elon Musk and created a 10-Year Master Plan.

Our mission is to be the leader in the transition to sustainable energy. We first look towards natural resources, the raw materials to make energy storage systems. Second we look at making the energy storage systems themselves more efficient.

In short, the master plan is this:

1) Build lithium production technology
2) Use that money to build longer lasting battery technology
3) Use that money to open a large R&D facility focused on the renewable energy transition
4) While doing the above, start strategizing vertical integration and manufacturing optimization of batteries and battery materials.