As the world is steadfast in transitioning to sustainable energy, Energy Exploration Technologies Inc. has a mission to power the future. Founded by entrepreneur, Teague Egan, and a team of the world’s leading scientists and sustainable energy veterans, EnergyX is creating revolutionary technology to support the necessary shift to clean energy.

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What is Energy Exploration Technologies?

Energy Exploration Technologies is a renewable energy technology company focused on two things. 

  1. More efficient access to sustainable lithium production using Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology.
  2. Technology enabling solid state battery electrolytes. 

The company is changing the way humanity is powering our world and storing clean energy with breakthrough lithium-ion technology and energy storage solutions.

When was EnergyX founded?

EnergyX was conceived on New Years 2018, and incorporated on December 18, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Why do we need EnergyX?

Humanity is going through a critical tipping point right now with global temperatures at an all time high. Most of this is caused by human CO₂ emissions. We need to transition the world’s energy supply to sustainable forms with vast energy storage systems to avoid CO₂ emissions and global warming. Read More.

Why now?

Humans are emitting over 30 billion tons of CO₂ into the atmosphere every year. This is compared to 650 million of the natural earth’s cycle of volcanic mechanisms. If we don’t correct this trend immediately, a terrible outcome lies in our future. See The Math.

When will EnergyX be ready for market?

EnergyX is in the technology development and scaling stage right now. We must go through a series of in-field pilot plants before commercial facilities can be deployed. Our best estimate is that EnergyX LiTAS technology will be in the market by early 2023. Solid-state battery technology could be implemented shortly thereafter. See Sustainability 101.