The Future of Lithium Production

As the demand for lithium continues to soar, the need for efficient, low cost, large-scale extraction and refinery solutions is also rising. EnergyX looks to drive the growth of the global lithium industry while making low-carbon technology cheaper, sustainable and more accessible.


Lithium Ion Transport and Separation (LiTAS™) is EnergyX’s suite of lithium selective and processing mechanisms that incorporates proprietary membranes, solvents and/or adsorbents to improve lithium recovery for existing and new Li-brine resource producers. LiTAS™ aims to process lithium “From Brine to Battery”.

Lithium’s unique characteristics provide enhanced performance benefits that are transforming the energy industry. Being a specialty material, cost-effective and time-efficient extraction processes remains the ‘holy grail’ for the EV transition.


We provide customers the most economical lithium extraction process for their resource, and create sustainable solutions for battery grade lithium material products. EnergyX has designed and patented scalable implementation methods to cut costs and produce the lowest cost lithium in the market. 

Quick Facts
Recovery Rate
~90% Lithium
Continuous Process
1-2 days
Fresh Water Needed
Power Requirements

Direct Lithium Extraction

EnergyX has developed a suite of DLE technologies that used in combination can treat any brine type.
Complementary to existing ponds
  • Suitable for operating Li producers
  • ED and BPED
  • Complementary to any Pond/SX/IX/IS based Technologies
  • Modular, low CapEx & OpEx
Solvent Extraction
Stand alone direct lithium extraction
  • Suitable for greenfield (no ponds) or complementary to ponds
  • Enables Direct Conversion
  • Modular, low CapEx and Opex, maximum flexibility
Stand alone direct lithium extraction
  • Suitable for greenfield (no ponds)
  • Suitable for low Li concentration brines
  • Best in class kinetics and stability
  • Lowest fresh water consumption

Efficiency & Innovation

Initially we have built LiTAS™ to complement the existing pond infrastructure in a phased approach. Eventually our direct lithium extraction technology will replace the outdated methods of evaporation ponds.

Li vs. Na
Li vs. Mg
Cl vs. SO4
Operates at High SalinityContinuous
High ThroughputComplementary to PondsLow Power
No Chemicals UsageMinimal Fresh
Water Required
Mixed Matrix Membranes
Solvent Extraction
Reverse Osmosis
Forward Osmosis

Lithium refinery

In EnergyX’s process we can make Lithium Metal directly from the brine itself and potentially, anode-ready form.
Battery Materials
Lithium Hydroxide
Needed for high energy density & high voltage cathodes
  • Direct conversion of Li Brine to battery grade Lithium Hydroxide
  • >60% CAPEX & OPEX savings
  • Synergy with DLE
  • Highest quality without repurification (99.9%+)
Lithium Carbonate
Needed for supplying current generation batteries into the future
  • High purity product resulting from high quality DLE concentrate
  • Very low brine impurity removal needed
  • Only battery grade Lithium Carbonate without repurification
  • <50% CAPEX & OPEX
  • Low carbon process
Lithium Metal
Needed for next-generation high energy density batteries
  • Brine to anode ready
  • Li-metal in a single step
  • Greatly simplified and low temperature process
  • >80% CAPEX & OPEX reduction