Direct Lithium Extraction: The $90B Industry Disruptor

Visual Capitalist and EnergyX recently collaborated on a content piece that asks the question: Will Direct Lithium Extraction Disrupt the $90B Lithium Market?  It’s an important question to have a discussion about especially with so much at stake environmentally, logistically and financially. The research in the graphic below speaks for itself, but let’s dive in.


Lithium-ion batteries are essential for modern technology, powering devices from smartphones to electric vehicles (EVs). With the global shift towards sustainable energy, it is no surprise that the demand for lithium is soaring. By 2030, demand is expected to outstrip supply by 1.42 million metric tons. Furthermore, traditional extraction methods are inefficient, environmentally harmful, and costly.

Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology offers a revolutionary solution. It enables the extraction of lithium directly from brine sources like underground reservoirs or geothermal plants, eliminating the need for extensive evaporation ponds and significantly reducing the environmental impact of lithium production.


EnergyX is a leading player in advancing DLE technology with our innovative LiTAS™ suite of technologies that can extract up to 300% more lithium per ton compared to existing or traditional methods like pond evaporation. LiTAS™ incorporates proprietary membranes, solvents, and adsorbents to enhance lithium recovery for both existing and new lithium-brine resource producers. Using these three technologies alone and in combination also allows our technology to be brine agnostic and be tailored to any brine type worldwide. 

The benefits of DLE technology are profound. It not only reduces the environmental footprint of lithium extraction but also lowers costs, making lithium-ion batteries more affordable and accessible. This is crucial for the widespread adoption of EVs, where battery costs are a major concern for consumers.

Furthermore, DLE technology could open up new lithium sources, such as geothermal brines, previously deemed too challenging to extract. This diversification could reduce reliance on traditional sources like lithium mines, improving the overall sustainability of lithium production.


EnergyX’s work in DLE technology is just the beginning. As the demand for lithium grows, innovative solutions like DLE will be the pivotal driving force in the clean energy transition. To learn more about our technologies, you can explore our Technical Brochure or watch the recent video of our Founder & CEO Teague Egan explaining how our LiTAS™ portfolio works in his own words here.