EnergyX 2022 Press Review: Teague Egan the Lithium King

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Introduction: EnergyX in the Press

As the year winds down, EnergyX continues to fire on all cylinders and will continue to surge forward into 2023. After an already successful 2021, this year was marked by new sets of milestones for the company, our leadership team, and the technology that we are developing. Our expanded LiTAS™ portfolio of technologies is more sustainable and efficient than the current status quo by several orders of magnitude and could help avert the lithium supply bottleneck that is expected to happen before the end of the decade. The entire EnergyX team has been hard at work identifying and creating workable sustainable solutions from brine to battery, and as media coverage in 2022 has showcased, the world is beginning to take note. From our CEO Teague Egan making the front page of Shale Magazine to breaking funding news and major outlets taking notes of EnergyX’s leadership in the sector, here are some of the major press features we have enjoyed in 2022.


Shale Magazine: Meet the Lithium King

Shale Magazine featured EnergyX and our Founder and CEO Teague Egan on their most recent cover story that delved into the details behind the company, our vision, and the technology we are developing. As a result Teague graced the cover of the November issue as the Lithium King.

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Global Emerging Markets (GEM) $450 million investment

Our biggest investment news to date was broken by Reuters’ Ernest Scheyder in July. The $450 million investment by GEM is tied to our plans to go public before 2024, and will provide us with opportunities to further develop our portfolio of technologies.

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A Focus on Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE)

In separate pieces by the Economist and the Wall Street Journal on the future of lithium extraction and the emergence of DLE technology, EnergyX was featured as one of the key companies on the market.

The EconomistThe Wall Street Journal


Raising Awareness of Lithium’s Importance

Lithium is critical to creating green growth, maintaining domestic and international energy security, and tackling climate change – yet the public is not aware of this. Raising awareness of the importance of lithium is key to EnergyX’s vision, and Teague Egan appeared in a wide variety of  media to highlight this.

EuronewsGlobal Mining Review


Next Step in Lithium Technology

As part of our push to educate more people about lithium, its uses in renewable energy, EVs, and low-carbon policies, Teague Egan has gone in depth on the technology that EnergyX is developing and how we are changing the lithium industry from brine to battery.

Undecided with Matt FerrellNow You Know


Conclusion: EnergyX is Powering the Future

Since its creation in 2018, EnergyX has continued to reach new highs by actively disrupting the mining industry, expanding the knowledge around lithium extraction, as well as providing a pathway towards sustainable solutions within the industry. The company’s main goal has always been to be a contributing force to the mitigation of climate change through environmentally-friendly lithium technology. Our team of dedicated engineers and scientists have identified the gaps within the industry and its supply chains, and we are actively unlocking the solutions to make lithium as sustainable as possible from brine to battery.