Tesla Giveaway Winners Announced

EnergyX recently teamed up with Influencer Logan Paul to give away both a Red and a White Tesla for the Holidays. 

Commenting on the collaboration, CEO Teague said “EnergyX shares the same vision as Logan of transitioning to a fully sustainable energy future. While many people only look at Logan for his massive following, he is actually a brilliant businessman and passionate environmentalist.”

Teague continued, “We set up the giveaway with a crowdfunding campaign to provide a really promising opportunity whilst utilizing a global platform to promote the EnergyX brand, giving people the chance to invest small amounts in our high-growth company. We had a high response to the Giveaway and ultimately we’ve changed two people’s lives, which is great!”

Jovanni Lewis and Amber Kildow were the lucky winners and will each be receiving their brand new Teslas this month!

Teague featured on Logan’s Impaulsive Podcast to talk about the Giveaway and the EnergyX story so far. You can catch up on the episode below.