What It’s Like to Work With A Start-Up That Is Close To Commercialization

By Nathan Emmerich, Director Solvent Extraction

Working for a start-up that has developed groundbreaking technology is very different than working for a large commercial company. So what is life at EnergyX like? Here’s a quick taste.

The People

The talent at EnergyX is diverse, and assignments and personnel range from operators to some of the best-known researchers in their field. Each of us has unique specific skills, but we all have the common drive to make EnergyX successful. Our team is a team – everyone works with and helps everyone. Here we value collaboration, and that leads to a genuine sense of camaraderie. The collaboration from every team, right up to the C-suite – has created a positive work culture. There’s an inherent belief that we can achieve great things together, and that belief permeates every interaction, decision, and project. You might have the top researchers meeting one day to solve a difficult problem. The next day you might have a research team meeting with operators to get their feedback to solve a problem. There are no silos here. 

The Work

At EnergyX, each of us has a specialty that we work on that we know very well. However, we are constantly collaborating with other teams of experts solving problems out of our own fields. Getting to know everything and being part of the big picture is very rewarding. And given how quickly our technology is improving and developing, we are constantly solving new problems and being rewarded with new challenges. The work is rewarding, challenging, and captivating.

The Mission

At EnergyX we are solving a problem. Climate change caused by fossil fuel-based energy sources is not sustainable. We must transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy supplies. We at EnergyX know why we are here and that we are working to accelerate that energy transition. We know why we are here and what we are working on. When we arrive at the Energy X innovation hub in Austin, there is never a question of why we are here or what we need to do. The excitement is visible on every face, in every report, and at every meeting. We are making a tangible difference by developing a greener, more sustainable solution to meet U.S. lithium needs, one innovation at a time. Whether it’s developing radical new technologies, finding sustainable solutions, or empowering local communities, we are actively contributing to a better future. And as we get ever closer to a commercial transition for our innovative technology, that sense of purpose is both invigorating and fulfilling.