Dr. Jing Gao

R&D Director

Research means that you don’t know, but are willing to find out.

Jing has years of experience in innovation and creating winning products in broad industries including paving, construction and consumer goods. Her greatest joy comes from unlocking insights that marry technology, customer needs and position them to bring business opportunity to life. She received her PhD in polymer chemistry from the University of Georgia. Her love of learning made her want to broaden her expertise from chemistry to formulation, geotechnology, and material science and microbiology.

Prior to EnergyX, Jing worked at Georgia-Pacific and Clorox as technology leader on end-to-end product development and technical support for adhesives, emulsifiers, disinfectants, and dryer sheet. Then she joined Midwest Industrial Supply as Director of Product Development to oversee the NPD processes and strategy. As an innovation leader, she believes people learn and grow by unlocking their strengths and developing their talents.

Fun Fact: One of her life goals is to visit all the national parks in the US.