Dr. Jaehyug Choi

VP of Process Engineering

Dr. Jaehyug Choi is the VP of Process Engineering. He leads the projects and process engineering team, focusing on pilot and commercial scale-up for direct lithium extraction technologies.

Prior to joining EnergyX, Jaehyug spent 16 years in POSCO, one of top 5 Korean conglomerates, specializing in various sectors such as battery materials and steelmaking, and he developed lithium extraction process in the field of engineering. He led operating & engineering team for pilot plant in Andes mountains in Argentina as well as an engineering team to launch POSCO’s proprietary demo-scale lithium extraction plant in 2018.

Prior to joining POSCO, Jaehyug served at Samsung for 3 years, as a senior researcher for the engineering of new material production system, which being widely applied to Samsung electronics. Jaehyug holds Master and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His post-graduate study focused on “Flow system scale-up study”, which he extended his research and engineering application further throughout his tenure at POSCO and Samsung. 

Fun Fact: Jaehyug has been a fan of Elvis Presley since high school, and he likes to listen to old music.