2021 was a massive year for electric cars. 2022 will be even bigger.

Excerpt from africa.businessinsider.com

This time in 2021, Ford hadn’t unveiled a battery-powered pickup truck, the White House was more interested in cutting fuel-economy standards than supporting zero-emission cars, and longshot electric-vehicle startups had plenty of orders but no sales to show for it.

One year later and that’s all changed.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning has nabbed some 200,000 reservations since its big debut in May. The Biden administration wants to blanket the US with 500,000 new EV charging stations. This fall, two upstarts Rivian and Lucid beat the odds and started shipping impressive luxury EVs to customers.

This is all to say that 2021 was a huge year for the shift toward electric transportation. Expect 2022 to be even bigger as appetite for zero-emission cars grows, production accelerates, and more options hit the market.