A leap forward for the global energy transition but long way before it is fair and fast enough

Excerpt from undp.org

Our need for action on energy has never been clearer. We are failing to move fast enough to reduce fossil fuel emissions. We’re failing the 759 million people still without any access to electricity – energy poverty that holds back development – and we’re failing the nearly one third of the global population who are still without access to clean cooking.

The UN Secretary-General convened this week’s High-level Dialogue on Energy to dramatically accelerate energy action towards achieving access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy for all (SDG7) and to put the world on track to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

This first United Nations summit-level meeting on energy in 40 years presented a unique opportunity for Heads of State, Government, UN System and multi-stakeholder representatives to discuss and commit to transformative action.

What happened?