A Look at the Philippines’ Clean Energy Ecosystem

Excerpt from rmi.org

The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. Sea level rise is three to four times faster in this island nation than the global average, and it gets hit with an average of 20 typhoons a year. Energy equity is also a major concern as 10 percent of the Philippine population still lives in rural areas without access to electricity, and those that have electricity deal with frequent outages.

Fortunately, a small but mighty group of startups is helping the Philippines forge a clean energy future. According to research by New Energy Nexus (NEN), a founding partner of Third Derivative, and RMI, 15 young companies are helping transform the climate crisis—and close the region’s energy access gap—with renewable energy and clean-tech solutions.

The good news is that these startups are not acting alone. Public and private leaders across the Philippines are working to create a cleaner, more accessible and reliable energy system. Already policymakers have announced a moratorium on new coal projects and are aiming for 35 percent clean energy by 2030.