Can green energy power Africa’s future?

Excerpt from bbc.com

While much of the world is looking at how it can use more green energy and cut C02 emissions ahead of the COP26 climate summit, across Africa the challenge is somewhat different.

For many across the continent, it’s the challenge of accessing any energy supply at all. Some 600 million people in Africa don’t have access to energy – limiting their ability to start and run businesses.

Even in the mega-cities of South Africa and Nigeria, businesses have to deal with rolling power blackouts. So governments, entrepreneurs and innovators are working to fix this.

In Ghana, the country’s Ministry of Power says more than 80% of the population has access to electricity on the national grid. But reaching those in remote communities has been a challenge.

So the country is using microgrids – independent energy systems serving specific areas – to provide low-cost, clean energy, powered by solar and wind power to isolated communities.