Canberra A Renewable Energy Jobs Powerhouse

Excerpt from solarquotes.com.au

The number of people employed in smart and renewable energy related jobs in the ACT is surprising – but not so much where they are concentrated given the nature of Canberra.

The Australian Capital Territory covers an area of around 2,358 km² and has a population of around 380,000 people. While a comparatively small region in terms of area and population, it has been a hotspot of renewable energy activity.

Recent research by ACT Renewables Hub – an ACT Government/Smart Energy Council initiative – involving more than 250 separate employers revealed around 1,500 Canberrans are employed in the renewables and smart energy industry.

So, where are the bulk of the jobs? ACT Renewables Hub notes most jobs are related to solar energy applications.

The largest concentration of overall jobs is with the Clean Energy Regulator. Among its functions, the CER oversees the integrity of programs under Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, including the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. The SRES is the mechanism responsible for the national solar subsidy – the STC Scheme, which is more commonly referred to as the “solar rebate“.