Commentary: Electric vehicles are finally ready for rural drivers

Excerpt from energynews.us

EVs have finally reached the inflection point that drivers who live in rural areas can plug into the all-electric cars and save serious money along the way.

Rural areas have certainly been left behind in the installations of access to public EV charging stations. However, EV sales are picking up and national car manufacturers are making splashy headlines with their dedication to go electric. Rural drivers have a big incentive to go all-electric, too: they will save serious money on gasoline, oil changes, and significantly reduce their carbon emissions impacted by long commutes. EVs available today can go as far as 400 miles on a single charge — welcome news to drivers with longer than the average commute of 30 miles a day.

New all-electric models hitting the market include pick-up trucks, EVs that seat up to seven passengers, and plug-in hybrid minivans. EVs are not just available in the new car market, either. The used car EV market is expanding as well and available at a variety of price points.