Denmark Looks to Ramp Up Green Hydrogen to Help Meet Climate Goals

Excerpt from e360.yale.edu

Denmark is pledging to increase production of green hydrogen, its government announced Tuesday. The low-carbon fuel could supplant oil in airplanes, trucks, and cargo ships, and replace coal in the production of steel and cement, helping to curb pollution from transportation and heavy industry.

Green hydrogen is produced through electrolysis, which uses electricity from renewable sources to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Denmark is aiming to build up to six gigawatts of electrolysis capacity, which will demand a greater buildout of clean energy. The effort will be supported by subsidies of 1.25 billion Danish crowns ($184.83 million).

“We have had an economy which has been based primarily on oil but in the future it will be based on hydrogen,” climate and energy minister Dan Jorgensen told Reuters. “This will help us to become independent of fossil fuels.”