Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

Excerpt from azom.com

EVs bring a bonus selling point that their predecessors with an internal combustion engine (ICE) didn’t have: a major portable power supply. This does not just mean using an EV as a source to charge a cellphone.

Electric vehicles take energy stored within their batteries wherever they go thanks to advances in battery technology and storage capacity.

The stored energy is enough to power a house for a few days and can be used as a type of mobile power generation unit, capable of bringing electricity along without the noise and complication of gasoline generators.

Electric car battery packs use sophisticated sensor control and energy management systems as a mobile power bank to draw power from the local power grid. They are also able to push energy back to the grid, as well as being able to provide A/C plug power directly from its battery and inverter.

Electric vehicles open new doors to remote and emergency power supply that’s long-lasting, safe and efficient when paired with the appropriate sensor technology.