How finance, ag-tech and more can speed the energy transition – 4 experts explain

Excerpt from weforum.org/agenda

Moving away from coal and towards clean power is critical to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. While the world is better placed than ever has been to take real action, much work is ahead.

The energy transition will require new types of thinking and collaboration. These experts share a breadth of options as leaders drive new solutions for the shift.

Swap an industrial past with a net-zero, hydrogen future

The challenge: To reach net zero by 2050, we must decarbonise – and we must do so quickly. To succeed, we need to concentrate on the sectors of our economy which emit the most carbon, such as fertiliser production, cement making and steel production. These sectors are vital to the economy, and strong job creators.

The solution: In the UK, the government is supporting projects that decarbonise six of the country’s largest industrial clusters to help scale climate action. HyNet’s UK cluster in the North West of England and North Wales has a deep industrial heritage and it’s here that the company will deliver low-carbon energy infrastructure to decarbonise this region, integrating hydrogen into the economy and infrastructure all while slashing carbon dioxide emissions.