Looking Beyond Decarbonization Could Add Value to Clean Energy Projects

Excerpt from environmentalleader.com

In order to successfully transition to clean energy the focus needs to go beyond simply being carbon free and look at the impacts and benefits of addressing the social and environmental needs of such advancement, according to a new report.

The white paper by LevelTen Energy, The Nature Conservancy and the National Audubon Society says that with the size and scope needed to build out renewable energy projects to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, businesses and investors play an integral role in establishing such benefits. The report suggests they focus on “3C’s” into the renewable energy development process, which include community, conservation and climate.

The report says traditionally development is made with a focus on financial value and risk but that could lead to missed opportunities beyond such viability. It says by focusing on these areas while building renewable energy projects and considering future growing markets such as distributed energy generation, storage and offshore developments, within project goals and corporate values can provide greater return.