New York to double energy storage target to at least 6 GW by 2030

Excerpt from utilitydive.com

The revamped storage goal follows a recommendation from the state Climate Action Council’s draft scoping plan, released in December 2021, which said the state should review its Energy Storage Roadmap “as soon as practicable.” In addition, the New York Power Grid Study, released in January 2021, identified the need for more than 15 GW of energy storage by 2040, with 7,300 MW located in New York City and Long Island, in order to support zero-emission electricity production by 2040.

New York’s nation-leading goal had a slow start, with several utilities failing to meet initial deployment targets established in the storage roadmap. Last year, the state Public Service Commission extended some deadlines and made other regulatory tweaks to allow utilities to deploy more storage.

NY-BEST’s Acker said that meeting the 6 GW goal will require “many stakeholders coming together to achieve those targets,” with a combination of state incentives, utility investments and industrial users purchasing on-site storage. The Climate Action Council scoping plan also recommends that building codes incentivize installation of storage, as well as additional financial incentives. Almost all of the $350 million in storage incentives set out in the 2018 storage order have been distributed, the document found.