Seoul expands diversity of electric charging network

Excerpt from smartcitiesworld.net

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is introducing a network of electric vehicle chargers to support its aim of replacing 10 per cent of vehicles in the capital with electric cars by 2026.

It has also announced it will build a “comprehensive EV charging station” that produces and stores electricity created using renewable energy.


Citizens’ demand


SMG will install 10 light pole-type and 14 bollard-type chargers to increase accessibility to the EV charging infrastructure in residential areas that currently have lower access to public EV chargers due to lack of parking spaces. Six districts of the capital, including Gangnam-gu, currently have six pole-type and four bollard-type chargers.

For the newly introduced 24 chargers, Seoul will conduct a survey and reflect citizens’ demand to select ideal locations. The survey will ask citizens about their demand for EV charging stations. The city government will select the most preferred locations based on this survey.

“The SMG will create an EV-friendly environment by providing rapid green chargers at comprehensive EV charging stations”

The comprehensive EV charging station is a facility with renewable energy-related capacities – energy storage system (ESS) and solar power generation –which can also charge EVs.