The White House wants a robust electric vehicle charging network. Here’s the plan

robust electric vehicle charging network

Excerpt from npr.org

For electric vehicle owners who long for the freedom of the open road, range anxiety has been a constant source of concern.

The Biden administration hopes to change that, announcing this week a multi-billion-dollar plan to beef up the nation’s electric vehicle charging system — a step experts say is vital to reducing America’s carbon footprint and improving the accessibility and practicality of nontraditional vehicles.

The White House has pledged $7.5 billion from a bipartisan infrastructure law to go toward improving and increasing the national charging network. The plan would create new public chargers both for local commuting and longer-distance traveling.

The announcement comes on the heels of commitments from some of the nation’s most popular automobile brands, including General MotorsVolvo and Lexus, to expand their electric vehicle offerings.

A big barrier to buying an electric vehicle, Vice President Harris said as she described the White House’s plan, is figuring out where and how to charge it.