Toyota to use solid-state batteries in hybrids before EVs

Excerpt from autocar.co.uk

Toyota has hinted that it will deploy solid-state batteries in its hybrid vehicles before introducing the technology to EVs.

Hybrids will continue to play a core role in the company’s electrification strategy, and powertrain boss Thiebault Pâquet told Autocar the benefits of solid-state technology include quicker charging, quicker discharging and reduced heat generation.

“We can test and evaluate the technology in those circumstances,” he added, suggesting the technology will be refined in less EV-intensive hybrid applications before it makes its way to EVs.

The move comes as Toyota reinforces its ongoing commitment to hybrid technology in the coming years.

European boss Matt Harrison explained that Toyota and Lexus will achieve a 70% electrified sales mix in Western Europe this year and “hybrid powertrains continue to attract new customers to both brands – especially those that are looking for practical and accessible ways to reduce their carbon footprint”.