Utah’s hand in the future of electric vehicles

Excerpts from abc4.com

Imagine charging your car while you drive. That may soon be a reality in the United States and the effort is being spearheaded here in Utah.

Dr. Regan Zane posed a question: “Could we actually get to a position where you no longer think about how, where, and when you charge your vehicle?” Your vehicle is just always ready to go?”

Dr. Zane is the director of ASPIRE Engineering Research Center at Utah State University. He told ABC4 that the answer to the question he posed may be answered sooner than one may think.

“There are vehicles that you can buy from automotive OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) coming in the next two to three years that will already have the option for your vehicle to charge wirelessly in your garage or a parking garage,” explained Dr. Zane. However, wireless charging technology will soon be even more advanced than that. Thanks, in part, to the collaboration between the work being done at USU in coordination with global partners.

What will that technology look like? Well, on the surface it will just look like pavement. However, that pavement will be stretches of highway across the country that may wirelessly charge electric vehicles as they travel.