Why 2022 Could Be The Year You Buy An Electric Vehicle

Excerpt from forbes.com

While to many consumers full electric-powered vehicles may still seem like the rides of the future, the genre’s day may have finally come. With at least 18 new models coming to market in the months ahead—including cars, SUVs, and even pickup trucks—this is shaping up to be a watershed year for plug-in vehicles.

Why buy an EV? For starters, electric cars still carry a certain cachet of ownership. Elon Musk built Tesla into a powerhouse automaker by offering EVs that appeal as much for their “coolness” as their capabilities.

Despite some still regarding EVs are little more than glorified golf carts in terms of their performance, they’re actually livelier than comparable gas-powered rides. Even a modestly powered EV can feel as fast from a standing start as a sports car because an electric motor generates 100 percent of its available torque instantly and continuously. Some are able to reach 60 mph in as little as three seconds (or less).  What’s more, since the battery pack is mounted beneath the passenger compartment, an electric car inherently has a lower center of gravity that contributes to quick cornering abilities.