EnergyX Announces Enhanced Direct Lithium Extraction Process

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AUSTIN, TX: November 10, 2023 — EnergyX today announced the latest breakthrough to its suite of innovative sustainable energy and climate solutions. EnergyX, founded in 2018 by Teague Egan, is a leading Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) and refinery technology provider that offers unprecedented efficiency to minimize both capital and operating costs for lithium customers. 

In a newly released Technical Brochure, EnergyX describes how its comprehensive LiTAS™ DLE Platform combines multiple technologies including Adsorption (AX), Solvent Extraction (SX), and Selective Membranes (MX) using both Electrodialysis (EDR), and Selective Bipolar Electrodialysis (sBPED) to create the most robust DLE system for lithium production. When used together, EnergyX patented technologies provide vast efficiencies, including far faster separation times, with more concentrated and purified lithium solutions. 

EnergyX CEO Teague Egan says, “EnergyX is innovating and disrupting the lithium supply chain – from brine to battery – at lightning pace. The platform we have built around LiTAS™ is a game changer for the entire industry. Not only have we proved recovery rates at higher than 94% lithium, but our technology uses a fraction of the freshwater to other DLE competitors. Due to the integration of our multiple technologies, we use less energy and create incredible cost savings. This makes LiTAS™ an extremely attractive choice for governments and industry.”

Amit Patwardhan, EnergyX Chief Technology Officer, adds that “We have taken a ground up approach. Our team of industry leaders and experts in each area surveyed the competitive technologies and addressed specific shortcomings of each technology by developing new adsorbents, extractants, membranes, operating and control philosophies, and process arrangements to deliver the best techno-economic solution for every brine.”

EnergyX is currently one of, if not the only company with a comprehensive suite of technologies that can handle brine from almost any location worldwide. Previously unviable lithium sources can now be activated because of DLE. EnergyX recently announced a key investment from POSCO, a major lithium producer in Argentina, as well as multiple planned demonstration plants in both North and South America. 

About EnergyX: Energy Exploration Technologies (EnergyX) is an American company that is a global leader in the energy transition. Founded in 2018, EnergyX is fundamentally changing the way humanity is powering our world and storing clean energy. EnergyX has patented its breakthrough direct lithium extraction and refinery technologies, the LiTAS™ portfolio, as well as more effective battery and energy storage solutions, the SoLiS™ initiative. To date, EnergyX has almost 100 patents and patent applications covering all aspects of its industry-leading technologies. Learn more about EnergyX technology at energyx.com.

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