EnergyX Hiring 100+ People in Energy Tech Expansion

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On the heels of a successful $20 million Series A financing, EnergyX is looking at hiring over 100+ positions within the next year. After becoming the highest valued Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) player on the market, the company is exploring top US tech hubs to launch its Energy Innovation Labs and continue development of sustainable lithium technology and next-generation solid state battery technology. 

With its new funding, EnergyX is currently recruiting for a number of positions predominantly in the fields of engineering and science. These roles will include Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering, and a myriad of Nanomaterial Engineers, Organic Chemists, Process Design Engineers, and Battery Cell Engineers including cathode, anode, and electrolyte specialist. Select jobs can be found on the company’s Career Page. 

The question is: Which tech city EnergyX will head to next? 

Top contenders include: 

  • Boston, MA: Making its mark as a hub for state-of-the-art tech like Robotics and AI development, Boston is home to Harvard and MIT as well as slew of other battery tech companies and high growth start-ups.
  • Miami, FL: Fast emerging as a tech hot spot, Miami has drawn high profile investors and entrepreneurs relocate because of the pandemic. 
  • Austin, TX: A diverse economy and home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world, including Apple and Google, to name a few, Austin recently attracted Tesla to build its new Gigafactory in the outskirts.
  • Silicon Valley, CA: Known as epicentre of the global tech industry with a long running history of innovation, the broader San Francisco bay area has companies like Tesla, QuantumScape, and loads of other battery supply chain manufacturers. 

EnergyX already has fully operational science labs in both Silicon Valley and Austin. However, emerging tech hubs such as Boston and Miami are on the radar under strong consideration. Currently EnergyX’s team stands around 15 employees, sitting between its two laboratories and other various US locales; the company plans to consolidate its operations and build an Energy Innovation Lab to house the 100+ team expansion. Boston has been a traditional hotspot for innovation and high growth companies for years, while Miami is also fast emerging as a tech center… making both convincing contenders. 

Particularly with strong ties to the University of Texas, the company established a partnership with Nobel Prize winning inventor of the lithium-ion battery, Dr John Goodenough, to advance the solid state battery R&D, and Dr. Benny Freeman’s Center for Materials in Water and Energy Technologies. Then of course, Texas is also home to part of Elon Musk’s empire, with SpaceX facilities in Boca Chica, (NASA-selected launch and test sites to get the next humans on the moon) and a future Tesla manufacturing factory currently under construction slated to produce Cybertruck and Tesla Semi. With other big tech entrepreneurs also choosing to expand into Texas, it is certainly evident momentum is gathering there. 

It has been widely noted that there will be an exponential increase in the demand for electric vehicles. In order to transition the world to a clean energy future and help avert the climate crisis, a huge amount of lithium is required to build batteries. EnergyX’s lithium extraction technology is not only vastly more efficient, but also cost-effective, limiting both environmental impacts and reducing carbon footprint on a significant scale. Together with this big recruitment drive, a larger team, and new facility on the horizon, EnergyX prepares to meet huge oncoming lithium demand. 

Learn more on the company website: www.energyx.com

James Ellsmoor, Director of Communications

E: james@energyx.com   T: +1 (510) 426-7206