Resources to Learn More About Sustainable Energy

The Department of Energy (DOE) at the U.S. Government is a great starting point to learn about the various types of renewable energy sources. The DOE has an entire section dedicated to clean energy, complete with a homeowner’s guide to going solar. American automotive and energy company Tesla also has a vast range of resources and products geared towards learning more, and participating in, sustainable development through the use of renewable energy and technology. Tesla has even launched a solar roof that allows homes to generate electricity while not changing the aesthetic look of the property. For a more in depth dive into sustainable energy, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has a range of resources discussing how sustainable energy will impact the world. 


Depending on your individual location, your utilities company may also have a clean energy section on their website about their own clean energy goals. For example, Con Edison supports customers who want to install solar panels on their homes and businesses, but the company has also expanded into wind power through partnerships with wind farms in Nebraska and South Dakota. We recommend you look into your utility provider to see where they source their energy and ask them about their plans for sustainable energy.


Recent studies have shown that people are interested in learning more about living a sustainable lifestyle. There are many organizations that focus on how to be more eco-responsible and focus on sustainable living. When you join an organization or community, not only are you going to be learning more information about your global impact – but you will have a larger reach as a group to implement meaningful change!