What are easy ways to practice sustainability?

There are many ways society as a whole and you as an individual can practice sustainability. The most important thing is to consider is your individual or household energy usage. Think about how much energy you are using and where you are getting it from. For example, blasting your air conditioner all day versus half the time while you are home. Also making a conscientious effort to learn about how your utilities are generating their electricity helps.


By learning where your energy comes from, you can decide to get energy from a renewable source rather than from a source that is less sustainable. This can range from switching utilities companies to installing solar panels at home. Today, electric vehicles are becoming widely popular. Transportation has been one of the biggest sources of CO2 emissions from burning gasoline.  In addition to helping the environment, electric vehicles can end up being more economical because you save money from not having to buy gas.


Consideration, education and proactive efforts are the best ways society can help with sustainability practices.