As a global corporate citizen, we are deeply concerned about the consequences of negative climate change, and will do our part to take prudent and necessary actions that reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere. The transition to a clean energy future is well on its way. But it is far from clear that the world’s economies will complete this transition in the time left to address the problem of carbon emissions and climate change. Business leaders, policy makers and the general public generally seek a lower carbon footprint, but struggle to agree on a timely and cost effective pathway to decarbonization


Sustainability remains at the forefront of our efforts. The result of this breakthrough technology is a radically smaller footprint in lithium production, coupled with little to no fresh water usage, significantly lower CO₂ emissions, and zero harmful chemicals or reagents injected back into the ground. The benefits continue when the lithium is then incorporated into battery storage to advance the implementation of renewable energy.


EnergyX is committed to reducing carbon emissions by half a gigaton per year.
How do we do this?

We have the ability to positively affect climate change and human energy consumption on a massive scale, potentially reducing greenhouse gases every year by at least half a gigaton (about 1 percent of projected 2050 global emissions). Our LiTAS™ technology enables exponentially more lithium output from the same quantity of source feed, at the same cost. How does generating more lithium positively affect the environment?


Batteries help displace fossil fuel generation because they can effectively store renewable energy during off hours.


One hour of battery use (kilowatts used) displaces one hour of fossil fuels used to produce the same kilowatt assuming the source is 100% renewable energy.


EnergyX provides a step change greener solution for recovering lithium.

Current brine evaporation uses 500K gallons water/ton lithium in communities already dealing with water scarcity. There is risk of toxic chemicals leaking from the evaporation ponds into the water supply or being re-injected into brine reservoirs. Meanwhile, hard-rock mining utilizes harsh chemicals to extract lithium, requiring significant site reclamation, and contaminating local water and soil.

EnergyX reduces the local water consumption to practically zero, and does not utilize harsh chemicals used in rock mining and other emerging brine technologies. In addition the physical footprint of typical brine evaporation site and hard rock mines can span multiple square miles while EnergyX’s lithium production technology fits neatly into a low power, warehouse type facility.


We, at EnergyX, are dedicated to not only doing our part to save our planet, but also empowering individuals with the knowledge and passion to create personal change that will inevitably contribute to a better future. Every little bit you do makes an impact toward the greater good. Here are a few simple ways you can get started and contribute:

1. Stay Informed on news regarding climate change and green energy.
2. Reduce your footprint by doing your part to minimize waste and pollution.
3. Get involved in in local government and politics to make sure we’re electing those who share our vision.
4. Support efforts, companies, and businesses that encourage sustainability and fight climate change.
5. Spread your knowledge with those around you.


Part of battling the widespread issue that is climate change is recognizing that we can’t do it alone. This is why we are enthusiastic about giving back and sharing our vision with others.